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Security Tips to Make Business Closing Routines Secure

Security Tips to Make Business Closing Routines Secure

Could you believe that organized retail crime, cost retailers $94.5 billion in 2021? This data was from a study conducted by the National Retail Federation.

That is why you as a business owner, must endeavor to make your closing routines safe and secure. The safety of money, valuable assets, and employees should be taken seriously. Ensure that the employees follow a closing routine and that all the doors and windows in the facility are protected.

This article will cover ways to make businesses' closing routines safe and secure by instilling some measures and security protocols for extra protection. Remember that GreenPro Locksmith offers commercial locksmith services to businesses that need to upgrade their security systems. Read to learn more

Latch Bolt Locks

You may be dealing with customers coming into the store even after the close of business for the day. One of the ways to prevent such scenarios is to use latch bolt locks to secure the deadbolt.

The latch locking system has a small spring attached to the deadbolt. When you push the spring, the door opens for you to enter, and the deadbolt locks again, securing the door.

Security Vaults

Security vaults are essential facilities used to secure valuables. Apart from using high-quality locks, vaults add an extra layer of safety to those expensive items.

You can store large amounts of cash deposits and valuables in it. Vaults are constructed from a more robust, thicker material and large enough to contain as many valuables as possible. The walls are made of sturdy concrete, which makes it challenging to break, including the door built underground.

Before you wrap up for the day and go home, you can tuck all your remaining cash and valued assets in there. Vaults have a strong security passcode that is extremely difficult to bypass. They often use keypads, biometric locks, and keypads.

Security Shutters

Security shutters are the perfect anti-theft security measures to protect a commercial building or property. The design of shutters makes them extra sturdy and resistant to impacts, break-ins, and any security threats.

Consider the heat-resistant aluminum or steel materials they are made from, they withstand force and impact. Criminals are wary of any business building with security shutters because they are powerful crime deterrents. It will take them great effort and time if they attempt to break in, and the noise from it will get them caught.

Master Key Systems

One of the simple ways to make closing from the business place easy is to use the master key system. A master key is configured to lock and unlock multiple doors. So whenever you close up for the day, you can use a single key to lock the desk drawers, entry office doors, area doors, and any other door in the facility.

This saves you time and energy from fumbling through your bunch of keys bringing out each key for each entry. With this single master key system, it helps you close faster after work.


Implementing safety protocols and routines that protect goods and employees is essential. That is why at GreenPro Locksmith, we offer commercial locksmith services if you need to install added security measures to your business building.

Whether you want to install a master key system, latch door bolt, or security shutters, you shouldn't hesitate to contact our locksmith service. Our job is to ensure that you install security plans for safety on the business premises.

Nov 30, 2023
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