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Should You Call the Police to Unlock Your Car Door?

Should You Call the Police to Unlock Your Car Door?

You are locked out of your car. Not awesome when you need to go somewhere immediately. During off-business hours, you may find yourself in a bind. No one else is available to help when needed, including friends and family. GreenPro Locksmith can help!

Thinking about breaking a window to gain entry ... we won't judge, but that's a bad idea. It could be costly (depending on your coverage), but it could also lead to significant legal woes. Need we mention fines for theft of services? What you need is a car lockout service.

You have options. You could call your friendly neighborhood GreenPro Locksmith. What about calling the police? You could call the police - but what if they tell you they'll help you only after dealing with emergencies?

Police May Not Be Able To Help

Police officers have a lot of discretion regarding what they do and don't respond to. If you call your local police department, the dispatcher will likely tell you that officers won't come to help you unlock your car, and you'll probably need to call a nearby locksmith instead.

If you want to check with the police, call the non-emergency number. Explain your situation, and ask if the local police department is willing to respond to help with a lockout. In many jurisdictions, the answer will be no. The police don't have time for such calls, so they prioritize responding to more complex situations.

Some departments have lockout kits and may be able to help you get back in, and others may not have the tools or workforce to do so. Additionally, even if they have a lockout kit, it will likely not work on locks of newer cars.

Police May Not Be Free Assistance

You might be thinking: "Isn't that what police are for?" But it's not always so simple. The answer is yes, but there are a few more things you need to know about it. If the police arrive and can give you access to your car, they may charge a fee, and do not expect the lockout service to be free.

Municipal budgets have tightened, and many departments simply do not have the budget to provide free lockout services anymore. This is also why private companies pop up with roadside assistance services and dispatch their trucks when a person needs help opening their locked vehicle door or trunk.

Police Need To Focus On Emergencies

Police need to focus on emergencies, and unlocking car doors isn't one of them. Instead, they recommend calling a locksmith or roadside assistance service. Call AAA or another provider if you don't have roadside assistance through your insurance.

You might be able to get the police to unlock your car door if you're in immediate danger "” but you're in for a long wait. Cities are reluctant to take on this responsibility because it can quickly become expensive. In addition, much of the time, police don't have the tools to open locked cars anyway. Some cities will respond if there is an emergency and police deem it necessary, but even then, they are not likely to be very speedy about it.

Your Best Bet Is NOT To Call the Police For a Lockout

If you lock your keys inside your car, police may not be able to unlock them. Police have limited resources and should focus on responding to emergencies rather than unlocking cars. If you've locked your keys in the car, you may need to call a professional from GreenPro Locksmith instead.

Click here for more information on how to get help in this type of situation.

Nov 30, 2023
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