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The 5 Best Locks to Secure Your Home

The 5 Best Locks to Secure Your Home

Getting the best locks to protect your home is no longer a matter of choice; it is a necessity that no homeowner should sleep on, especially at a time like this when burglaries are ever-increasing! 

However, the challenge lies in knowing the types of locks to use for different house sections. It won't be that easy, except you know the best locks for residential homes. Therefore, we will walk you through the popular locks that protect different parts of a house. Before proceeding, you can contact GreenPro Locksmith if you have an emergency lock issue. We will send our professional mobile locksmith to help you. So let's take a look at some best locks to secure your home.

Door Knob

The first lock we will be looking at is the door knob. It is popular in most homes. A kind of lock that is made of a knob and a simple mechanism. Unfortunately, this lock is not reliable because it can be easily compromised with considerable force. Once the door knob is knocked off, anyone can gain access to your home. Therefore, using a door knob lock to secure your front, garage, and back doors is not the best option. Rather, it will function well inside the home.

Deadbolt Lock

Regarding optimum security, the deadbolt lock is still the most popular choice because of its unique mechanism and rigidness. A deadbolt lock doesn't use the standard spring-loaded mechanism; therefore, it is harder to pick and gives more security. Although there are different deadbolt locks, the single-cylinder lock offers the best convenience and security. Homeowners prefer using deadbolt locks as extra security to their front door or even relying solely on them.

Mortise Lock

Mortise lock has been around for ages and is usually found in older homes. However, it still provides a high amount of security. While it is not as popular as before because of the stress of installation, it still protects your home.

Lever Lock

A lever lock is characterized by its lever-like handle, making it easy for anyone to use. A lever lock also has a great mechanism and is more secure than a doorknob lock, but it isn't the best choice for your front door. Instead, you can use a lever lock inside the home or in commercial buildings in addition to an extra lock.

Electronic and Smart Locks

The most recent lock that has been adopted is the electronic and smart lock which has provided a long-lasting solution to the key problem. With an electronic lock, you don't have to bother about carrying a key; or even misplacing them. In addition, it comes with keyless entry methods like a dial pad, a fob or card, facial recognition, or even biometric features. Not just that, you can restrict and grant access to anyone at any time.

Contact us for Your Lock Installation

It takes a great lock to protect the home, but it also depends on the lock installation. Therefore, go to a professional locksmith whenever you want to install a lock. Feel free to contact the GreenPro Locksmith for a professional lock installation that you will not regret!

Nov 30, 2023
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