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The Most Common Types of Car Locks

The Most Common Types of Car Locks

Irrespective of the payment plan, buying a new vehicle can have a significant impact on our finances. For that reason, vehicle owners are always cautious of the car lock and security system to avoid theft or spending unnecessarily on frequent car lock replacements.

It would help if you never procrastinated when your car locks become problematic. Those challenges presumed to be simple, could escalate because of negligence. Therefore, having a good knowledge of the various types of car locks will help you make an intelligent decision when you call a locksmith for car lock replacement or key fob programming.

Here are some tested and trusted car lock types that can serve you for a long time.

Keyless Entry Systems

The most recent development in car locks is the keyless entry system. These systems do away with the need for a physical key, using either a proximity key fob or a smartphone application to unlock the car’s doors when the device is in close range. As soon as you step inside, a keyless ignition system eliminates the need to insert a mechanical key to fire up the engine. Although extremely convenient, keyless entry systems also have their flaws. 

Electronic Locks

Newer care models have electronic locks with key fobs for operation. Unlike manual keys, they are more efficient with enhancement features to resist break-ins. In the case of losing a key, the replacement costs will be higher than the regular key as those keys need to be coded.

Traditional Mechanical Locks

They are durable devices that can be found in many older vehicles and never go out of fashion. A physical key made of metal having a specific configuration of ridges and grooves can be inserted into the lock cylinder. The pins are aligned by the key when the inner cylinder is turned and the door is unlocked. Unfortunately, these locks are relatively easy to pick and require a physical key.

Child Safety Locks

All cars have these child safety locks on the rear doors as features, therefore, small children cannot open the doors when the car is moving. Parents with children of young age should ensure that the back seat child safety locks have been switched on before getting into a car with their kids.

Biometric Lock System

This fingerprint car locking system uses your finger to grant access to the interior of the vehicle. Certain models can also begin the car using a smart key with a fingerprint. If your finger breaks or the sensor fails, you will need to go to the dealership to get a new one.

Smartphone-Controlled Lock System

This car locking system use a smartphone to lock and start the car. In most cases, the process is done via an app or Bluetooth pairing of the device. If your phone is stolen or the battery get weak, you must get a replacement at the dealership.

Need Car Key Replacement or Upgrade?

Are you having issues with your car key or security system? The professionals at GreenPro Locksmith are there to assist you! We are always available to deal with any car lock problem from lost key replacement to faulty keyless entry system repair.  Call us to enjoy round-the-clock services for all your car lock replacement or key fob programming.

Apr 22, 2024
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