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Things You Need to Know About Multipoint Locking

Things You Need to Know About Multipoint Locking

It's 3 am, and you're standing on a doorstep in your slippers. Your hand is frozen to the front door key, and the lights are out. You probably wish the locksmith could get to you faster. And it only takes a few minutes for a situation like this to go from bad to worse. GreenPro Locksmith knows because we've got the experience: we've been there, repairing doors like yours after being snapped by an ambitious burglar looking for quick cash.

We'd love to work with you, even if all you want us to do is repair that damaged lock. What usually takes hours can be done in minutes with GreenPro Locksmith onsite.

What Is a Multipoint Locking System?

Multipoint locking systems provide higher security than conventional locks, which only use a single locking point. A door equipped with a multipoint locking system is typically secured at three points: the top and bottom of the door and the center of the door. When a multipoint lock is engaged, the latch and deadbolt are simultaneously pushed into their respective keepers "” the fixed jamb plates on the side frame that prevent inward or outward movement of the door.

What Types of Doors Use Multipoint Locks?

Multipoint locking systems are commonly found on contemporary uPVC doors and composite doors, often used as front doors for homes and businesses. They can also be fitted to wooden doors, although these are less common as they are more expensive than uPVC or composite.

The system provides high levels of security, with up to three locking points on the door (the main handle lock, top lock, and bottom lock), making it more difficult for an intruder to gain access. It also makes it harder for burglars to open the door by manipulating one of the locks. This is due to how multipoint locks work - rather than just one bolt or latch being operated by a single key or handle, all of the locking points operate simultaneously by a single mechanism. In other words, if one lock fails, the rest will still be locked.

Benefits Of Multipoint Locks

Are you wondering whether you should install a multipoint locking system? Here are some reasons to consider it:

Security. A multipoint locking mechanism is generally more secure than a conventional lock. Although all locks provide some level of security, they can be picked or forced open. Traditional locks typically offer only one point of locking, while multipoint locks offer multiple points of locking that are difficult to pick or force open simultaneously. The sheer number of points that need to be opened to gain access makes them almost impossible to break into without causing much damage to your property.

Energy efficiency. Multipoint locks also help keep your house insulated from outside temperature and noise by providing a snug fit between the door and its frame. They eliminate unwanted gaps that may allow heat or sound to escape.

Do Multipoint Locks Cost More Than Traditional Locks?

Yes and no. Yes, because you will have to pay more to install multiple locks into one door. No, because multipoint locks offer higher security compared to traditional locks. So this means that you will be protecting your home from intruders or burglars while saving money on insurance premiums at the same time.

GreenPro Locksmith For Your Multipoint Lock Needs

Would you like to save money and energy when installing new locks? GreenPro Locksmith installs only the highest quality locks on your home or business, thanks to their environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.

Your new multipoint lock will last longer than a standard deadbolt, but it will also help reduce your carbon footprint through reduced energy consumption.

Click here for more information about the installation process.

Nov 30, 2023
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