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Tips for Keeping Your Motorcycle Safe

Tips for Keeping Your Motorcycle Safe

Why do people prefer riding a bike when they can afford luxurious high-performance cars? If you ever ask such questions, you aren't alone! But bikers derive many benefits – to some, it is a passion, not just a hobby. With biking, they can conveniently navigate paths and terrains, enhance clarity, reduce stress, and have adventurous fun!

However, bikes are more susceptible to theft than cars! For that reason, you should focus on keeping your motorcycle safe.

GreenPro Locksmith has provided practical tips to help you achieve a high level of motorcycle safety.

Before Riding, Inspect Your Motorcycle

Before hitting the road with that bike, do a thorough inspection. Check the tires, mirrors, lights, and other key parts often. Take special care of the fluid leaks, the loose bolts, and any mechanical issues that are likely to arise. Ensure you change the oil, adjust the chain, and check brake pads often. It is disappointing when your motorcycle breaks down suddenly. This is especially true if you don't maintain it.

Options for Parking

If you choose street parking, look for places that are well-lit and have some traffic. Choose areas with more security and video surveillance. They act as a deterrent to thieves. But you can also consider other options if you’re not sure about leaving your bike on the street without proper protection.

Take Out the Keys

Though it could seem basic, you won’t believe some bikers leave keys in the ignition! Yes because they need to hop up and get back really quick. Remember, there is a chance that a thief can take advantage of that. Always check if you've engaged the steering lock, then, take the keys with you. If you need a new key made, a nearby locksmith is available to assist.

Protect Your Motorcycle

It's recommended to buy security items that can deter robbers. Here are a few sensible choices:

  • Ground Anchor:

To prevent the worst from happening, you should get a ground anchor for your home or your workplace. Secure your motorbike with a strong chain near a pole and make sure that the motorcycle is locked to the anchor.

  • Security Chain:

When parking, ensure the stand is fixed firmly to the ground. To achieve this, make sure you have a quality chain. For reliability, try to get third-party certifications for the chain.

  • Use Disc Locks

They are tiny locks that clip onto your bicycle's brake disc. This makes it hard for criminals to wheel it off.

  • Install Alarms and Trackers:

Install a GPS tracker or an alarm on your bike. This gives an extra layer of security.

Cover Your Motorcycle

A cover is a helpful addition for street parking in urban areas. Not everyone has access to a locked or private garage. So, buying one will keep your motorcycle safe. A black or gray cover will not attract the thieves.

A Professional can help!

Yes, you can travel stress-free by implementing the tips in this article. However, if you want your motorcycle to stay safe, and you need help, GreenPro Locksmith will always have your back. Call us today.

Jun 03, 2024
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