Tips Where to Hide Your Valuables

One of the things a burglar won’t tell you is that they don’t want to spend much time rummaging through your house to find valuables to steal. That’s why most home burglaries only take between 8 to 10 minutes. There are common places burglars look first when they break into your house. For that reason, it’s important to hide your valuables in not-so-obvious places. Keep in mind that burglars are becoming smarter with time, so it’s necessary to find ways to outsmart them.

Let’s look at the top places to hide your valuables.

  • Behind The Drawer

While drawers are one of the common places where burglars look first when they break into your house, they rarely check behind drawers. There’s always some space at the back of the drawer. You can tape things like passports, jewelry, and an envelope of cash to the back or the underside of a drawer.

  • An In-Floor Safe

A foolproof safe mounted in a concrete floor is an ideal place to hide your valuables. An in-floor safe will conceal your valuables from burglars and protect them from damage in case of a fire or flooding. Some of the ideal places in your house where you can install an in-floor safe include a bedroom closet, at the corner where two walls meet, near a semi-permanent fixture, or under furniture.

In case you lose the keys to your floor safe or forget the combination codes, contact GreenPro Locksmith to help you with safe opening.

  • In A Potted Plant

You probably have a few potted plants around the house. Why not turn one of your potted plants into a secret hiding place for your valuables? You can wrap things like jewelry or cash in a water-tight container and bury it in your potted plant.

  • Inside a Wall Clock

You can hide jewelry, bank cards, passports, or cash in a generic wall clock, provided the clock itself is not worth stealing.  It's unlikely that a burglar will have time to check in a wall clock considering that they are always in a rush.

  • In A Book Safe

A book with a secret compartment is a creative way to hide your valuables.

  • Storage Bins

This is one of the creative ways to hide certain valuables. It is highly unlikely that a burglar would check a storage bin that is labeled "Kids Toys" or "Cleaning Supplies." Do not keep something like a gun or anything too valuable in a storage bin, but it can work for things like jewelry and small electronics.

Hiding Places to Avoid

Burglars are smart people, so they know homeowners are looking for ways to protect their valuables. Some of the places you'll want to avoid include a jewelry box, inside CD cases, inside DVD cases, a wall safe, inside picture frames, a cookie jar, and a file cabinet.

There you have it. These are some of the top hiding places you’ve probably never thought of.

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