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Types of Locks a Locksmith Won't Open

Types of Locks a Locksmith Won't Open

Whether residential or commercial building, locks serve the same purpose - securing humans and valuables. Nevertheless, there are different types of locks, which differ in their features and specific functions.

Although locksmiths can open different kinds of locks, there are exceptional ones that may be difficult to access. Here are the six types of locks difficult for a locksmith to open.


Safes are more sophisticated than the regular lock. They require advanced tools and skills to unlock. Because of this, only a few locksmiths can unlock them.

If you are keen on unlocking a safe, you should confirm if the locksmith can open it before hiring him. And if they can't, there will always be an option.

Smart Locks

Only a limited number of locksmiths can open Smart locks. The ability to offer such a service depends on the type or brand and the experience of the locksmith. Malfunctioning smart locks can only be opened with the help of professionals with IT experience. Service providers like GreenPro Locksmith have knowledgeable locksmiths that could handle all types of smart locks. If you are having issues with your smart lock, contact your local locksmith for a solution.  

Also, know that smart locks are not specific to buildings alone. They can also be found in vehicles. For instance, a faulty ignition system cannot be repaired by a mechanic in an auto repair shop. Instead, it is the work of an automobile locksmith. This is because ignition systems require keys - a form of lock - to start. And some of these keys are smart locks. GreenPro Locksmith service is an expert when it comes to fixing and replacing ignition switches.  


Like safes, vaults need sophisticated tools, equipment, and skills to open. Only a few businesses, such as banks, use lockers, and they operate the vaults with the help of experienced professionals. The professionals are usually technicians who know the process required to unlock the vault. In addition, there is a specialized locksmith that handles all kinds of vaults. They can install or repair faulty vaults.

Facial Recognition Locks

Some sophisticated locks use facial or thumbprint recognition. Not all locksmith companies offer lock replacement or installation for such locks. Therefore, only a few established locksmith companies can help you when you have issues with facial recognition locks. A locksmith handling such locks must have programming knowledge and be technically savvy. 

Complicated Locks

Complicated locks are also known as rare locks. Examples of complex locks are high-level security locks and vintage locks. Some complex locks cannot be opened without causing damage to the lock itself. Before hiring any licensed locksmith for high-security locks, provide all the needed information to enable the locksmith to get prepared.

You can always discuss the alternatives for accessing what is at the other end of the lock. 

Unpickable Locks

Locks that are classified as unpickable are difficult to open for most locksmiths. To unlock such locks, specialized tools will have to be used. And in some cases, the only option to open an unpickable is lock drilling and replacement. Opening unpickable locks take time, and this may incur additional service costs.

The availability of advanced locks provides opportunities for sophisticated professionals from GreenPro Locksmith. If you have stubborn locks in your building, call us to help you open, rekey or replace them.

Nov 30, 2023
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