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Ways to Improve Your Front Door Security

Ways to Improve Your Front Door Security

Securing your front door is one of the ways you can improve your home's security. Knowing that your front door is burglar-proof gives you peace of mind. Today, we will discuss some of the measures you can take to increase security for your front door.

Here are the ways to improve your front door security.

Install a Solid-Core Door

A solid-core door is constructed with a heavy, solid interior and a real-wood veneer on the exterior. A solid-core door is strong and heavy, so it can withstand assaults compared to hollow core doors.

Install A Strike Plate

A strike plate reinforces the door jamb, making it harder for intruders to enter. This device can withstand over 50 full-force kicks as long as it's installed properly. The strike plate should be reinforced with large screws to make it more secure.

To ensure your strike plate is installed correctly, let an experienced "locksmith near me" help you with installation.

Rekey Your Front Door Locks

If you've lost the keys to your front door, the lock has been tampered with, or you've moved into a new home, it would be necessary to rekey your locks. Rekeying simply means changing the tumblers inside a lock so that the lock will be operated with a new key.

When you want to rekey your locks, call GreenPro Locksmith to help you out. However, if your locks are broken, dysfunctional, or outdated, rekeying may not be an ideal solution because the lock won't be secure.

Install A Heavy-Duty Deadbolt

A heavy-duty deadbolt can help to prevent forced entries as it is designed to withstand at least 10 strikes from 75 pounds of force. If you're currently using a weak deadbolt, you are making it easy for intruders to break your front door. If you are ready to install a heavy-duty deadbolt in your front door, let our local locksmiths at GreenPro Locksmith help.

Use Motion Sensor Lights

Installing motion sensor lights on your front door can help to deter burglars. Motion sensor lights are designed to detect unauthorized entry and trigger an alarm or send alerts to your smartphone.

Install A Video Doorbell System

A video doorbell, also known as a smart doorbell, is an internet-connected device that comes with features like video streaming capability, two-way audio, built-in cameras, and many more. A smart doorbell allows you to see who is at the door and sends an alert to your smartphone when a person comes to the front door. The presence of a video doorbell system deters criminals, enables law enforcement agencies to catch criminals, and gives you peace of mind.

If you need help with installing a video doorbell system in your home, get in touch with GreenPro Locksmith.

Need Help with Securing Your Front Door? Call GreenPro Locksmith

For more information about how to improve your front door security, contact GreenPro Locksmith. Our affordable locksmiths can help you with not only improving your front door security, but also securing your entire home or business premises.

Oct 29, 2021
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