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What Are the Most Secure Locks for Your House?

What Are the Most Secure Locks for Your House?

Every home needs locks to keep all members and all their belongings safe. That is why homeowners with a high appetite for security will always go for the safest locks. With high-security locks on your doors, you will have the peace of mind that your home is safe.

However, it is important to evaluate many factors before determining the safety of every lock or upgrading the security system of your home. Here are some of the factors that determine the safety of different locks.

High Resistance to Tampering and Picking

No matter the lock type you have, resistance to tampering and picking is an important factor to determine how secure a lock is.  

Strength of Materials

A lock cannot be considered safe when it is made with inferior materials. If your locks are made with top-quality materials, such as hardened steel, they will definitely resist physical attacks and be considered secure.

Locking Mechanism

Locks with multiple locking points have more features and are secure more than the single locking point types. For example, deadbolts are more secure than those with a single locking point.

Key Control 

Locks with restricted key systems, where keys can only be duplicated with permission from the lock owner, are more secure than those with unrestricted key systems.

ANSI Classification

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) classifies residential and commercial locks according to the strength of materials, endurance, bumping, picking residence, and Mechanical bypass. ANSI classifies locks into 3 grades.

Grade 1 Locks

This is recommended for commercial use. They provide the highest level of security and can resist forceful entry. You can install them at the entrance of residential buildings where the crime rates are high.

Grade 2 Locks

Designed for residential buildings but have lesser features than the grade 1 lock. They also have rare qualities to secure your building and belongings.

Grade 3 Locks

This is the least in terms of security, endurance, and sturdiness. You can use them to secure valuable items at home and in the office.

Types of Secure Locks

Deadbolt Door Locks

Deadbolts are our top pick when it comes to securing exterior and interior doorways. They are rugged with a high level of endurance for forceful entry. Deadbolts come in two types - single and double-cylinder deadbolts. The latter is preferred since you have limited chances of being locked out.

Keyless Door Locks

Apart from improved security for homeowners, you will enjoy greater convenience while using the keyless door locks. They are a very secure type of lock as you do not have any need for mechanical keys. You will also worry less about key loss or frequent duplication. Most of the products in the market are designed with superior quality while having an anti-pick and theft residence.

Smart Lock Technologies

Also known as digital locks, they are most popular based on the numerous features they bring to the table. Smart locks offer top-notch security to users. You can only access digital locks using your smartphone, Bluetooth or WiFi.

Trust GreenPro Locksmith for Efficient Service Delivery

Installing secure locks comes with numerous benefits. However, you need a professional to ensure everything works perfectly. If you need lock replacement or to upgrade your residential or commercial locks, call expert locksmiths at GreenPro Locksmith for optimized services. We are driven by the passion to ensure the effectiveness of all security systems.

Nov 30, 2023
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