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What Is A Laser Cut Key?

What Is A Laser Cut Key?

Recent technology advancement have led to improvement, particularly in the automobile industry. The lock on automobiles is one example of such enhancements. If you've just purchased a new automobile, you may have noticed that the key differs from that of earlier models. This innovative key design is called a laser cut key.

Laser-cut keys are gaining popularity in the automobile industry. Although they have been around for a while, they were reserved for the most expensive models. As they offer car owners a stronger feeling of security and class. Nevertheless, in recent times, they have become common on more recent car makes and models.

Benefit of Laser Cut Keys

Also known as side-winder keys or internal keys; laser cut keys are distinguished by their distinctive design. They are manufactured with a consistent depth along the center, making them thicker and more durable. The groove on the key is the same on both sides, allowing the engine to be started regardless of which way the key is entered.

The greatest advantage of laser-cut keys is their increased security. Since laser-cut keys are difficult to reproduce and need specialized equipment, it is more difficult for criminals to pick locks and make unauthorized copies.

In addition, some laser-cut keys have a transponder chip system. The transponder chip must be configured to the particular vehicle. If the correct transponder chip is not within range of the receiver, the vehicle will not start.


Harder To Pick Locks

Regular automobile locks are simple to pick, making the vehicle susceptible to theft. However, locks with laser-cut keys are very complex and tough to pick due to their diverse design. This increases the car's level of security.

Unlikely To Be Duplicated

While key-cutting tools are readily accessible worldwide, laser-cutting equipment is not common. Not only is laser cutting equipment costly, but it is also difficult to get on the market, making laser-cut keys impregnable by the majority of auto thieves.

Unique Keys

Conventional automobile keys are quite similar. This similarity in groove-cuts may allow one car owner to unlock other comparable vehicles with his or her own set of keys. However, this is not feasible with laser-cut keys since every key is unique.

Transponder-equipped Keys

Laser-cut keys include a transponder that is intended exclusively for one car. Without this transponder, the ignition cannot be started, even if the key is able to open the door lock. This further complicates the duplication of laser-cut keys. This added security is also one of the reasons laser cut keys are in high demand.

Need A Laser Cut Key?

If you require a laser-cut key, you may discover that getting one from the dealership is complicated and costly. However, due to the needed degree of knowledge, not every locksmith provides this service.

At GreenPro Locksmith, we can easily handle your laser cut key requirements, as well as your vehicle, home, and commercial key cutting needs. We have invested in the required equipment to guarantee that we can serve our clients effectively and save them money on laser key duplication and replacement.

Nov 30, 2023
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