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What Is Key Fob And How Does It Work?

What Is Key Fob And How Does It Work?

Key fobs have been around since the early 1980s and have become a popular and convenient way to control access to various types of buildings, vehicles, and other restricted areas. They were first used in cars to unlock and start the engine remotely. Since then, they have evolved to include various security features and technologies.

Early key fobs used line-of-sight infrared technology and were relatively easy to copy. Today's key fobs use technology such as RFID, Bluetooth, and NFC, which makes them much more difficult to replicate. These modern key fobs are widely used for access control in cars and other applications, including building access, gated communities, and parking garages. Some key fobs now include encryption and rolling code technology, making them even more secure. Therefore, this article aims to educate readers about key fobs and how they work.

How Key Fobs Work

If you've been paying attention to the latest developments in locking systems, you're likely acquainted with key fobs. Usually, they are little key chains or cards that are held up to a door's locking mechanism to open them. The majority of them are tiny and portable. Each key fob is configured to unlock a specific door, providing an additional layer of security.

As with most contemporary wireless technologies, such as Wi-Fi and remote controls, the science underlying key fobs remains a mystery to most people. These inventions may seem the closest we've come to magic to some. However, the inner workings of key fobs are not as complex as you may believe.

A key fob access control system communicates between two devices over a short distance to unlock doors, locks, vehicles, and more. Using a Key Fob to unlock a door or lock is as easy as pointing your fob at the reader, which will read the microchip inside your fob and unlock the door for you.

In more technical terms, key fobs use radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. This wireless communication method uses radio waves to transfer data between a reader and a passive RFID tag. The key fob contains a microchip, which stores a unique identification code, and an antenna that transmits the code to the reader when the key fob is brought close to it. The reader, in turn, sends the code to a control unit, which compares it to a list of authorized codes and unlocks the door if there is a match. This process happens in milliseconds, making it quick and convenient for the user.

Are Key Fobs Worth The Hype?

Key Fobs offer a higher level of security due to their keyless entry and difficulty duplicating RFID cards. They also require less maintenance, are easy to install, and can be deactivated in times of threat. Additionally, key fobs provide a cost-effective and efficient solution for building access control, as customized and restricted access can be configured to control entry into specific business sections.


Several factors, including technological advances, security concerns, and increased internal threats, drive the shift from traditional locks and key systems. Key fobs are here to stay and will find more adoption in the coming days. GreenPro Locksmith can help you seamlessly transition from conventional locks to key fobs. Our skilled locksmiths are experts in key fob programming, installation, and repair. Whatever your key fob need is, you can trust us to resolve them promptly.

Nov 30, 2023
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