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What Lockset Is Right For Your Business?

What Lockset Is Right For Your Business?

With many transactions and activities going on, a business owner should ensure the security of employees, visitors, and valuable inventories. Therefore, you must not relent when it comes to taking the necessary measures regarding security.

Though every business is unique, there is an appropriate lockset that could protect your equipment, handle the foot traffic and probably scare away intruders. To help you get the perfect lockset for your business, we have picked some tested and trusted locks in the market.

Mechanical Locksets

This is a popular traditional type of door lock, perhaps because it is easy to use. They are locks with the physical keys used in warehouses, departmental stores, health centers, schools, and more. However, recently, mechanical door locks with combination pads have flooded the market. To gain access to buildings using combinational pads, you must have a valid pass. This is good to checkmate people going in and out of the premises.

Other types of mechanical lock for commercial buildings are the privacy function lockset. Such locks are found in the restrooms and private offices. You can lock them on the inside by pushing a button on the knob. The privacy locks can also complement others to ensure your security.

Our Recommended Mechanical Locks Include:

Lockey 1150

This is an industrial-strength mechanical door lock. It comes with a heavy-duty lever and passage function to safeguard your employees and machinery. A heavy and sturdy lock designed with a three-to-five-character code for granting access. No worries about locking the door because it has an automatic relocking feature.

Schlage S200 Series

Trust Schlage when it comes to producing premium metal construction and plated keyways. The S200 Series interconnected tubular lock is not exempted from their top-quality products. As they stated during its launch, the lock is made with durability in mind.

This lock is one of our top picks because the design is to offer security and long-lasting performance. It can be used for several commercial purposes like hotels, multi-family residential areas, schools, hospitals, and offices.

Electronic Door Locks for Businesses

Electronic door locks come with more features to help strengthen the security system of many businesses. Choosing the right electronic security door lock depends on the type of business you run. Small businesses could go for electronic keypad locks. While fingerprints, biometrics, and fob locks are perfect for large corporations.

The benefits derivable from electronic door locks are numerous. You get details of every individual that comes into your office or business premises. Access monitoring is made easier, and lock scheduling and smartphone access are also possible. No restrictions on where to install electronic locks, it could be at the entry point or to safeguard a space in your business premises.

Panic Bars

Also called exit bars, they are an essential component of the firefighting system in most buildings. The panic bars are not really for security. They are meant to improve exit access during fire emergencies. The panic bar is needed in buildings because the safety of residents, visitors, and homeowners are paramount at all times. If your home is under construction or you moved in newly, it is a good idea to check for panic bars at the major exits in your building.

We are Happy to Help You Any Time

One of the last things you want is to have a failed security system or to become a burglary victim. At GreenPro Locksmith we have dedicated locksmiths ready to come to your aid if you have issues or need commercial door lock installation services.

Nov 30, 2023
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