What Locksmith Scammers Do or Do Not Do

There are scammers in practically every industry, waiting to prey on unsuspecting victims, and our industry is no exception. Unfortunately, there are many locksmith scammers who take advantage of consumers’ vulnerability and need for urgent assistance. When you are locked out of your home or vehicle, for example, you are likely going to be emotional, in a panic or stress. Naturally, you will be less attentive to detail and more prone to falling for scams. This article should help you spot red flags and give you some tips on how to avoid scams. If you want to hire a tried-and-true locksmith from a reputable company, then call GreenPro Locksmith. Our friendly representatives and locksmiths are ready to help any time.

How Scammers Dupe Victims

Scammers prey on your vulnerability and urgency. During an emergency, most people grab their phone and search the web for a locksmith. But scammers know that potential victims are not as attentive to detail when they are in such a rush. 

The scammer can put together a simple website and fill it with generic content and prices so low that they are hard to resist. These abnormally low prices and the scammers promise to come out quickly are what many victims fall for. When the scammer arrives, their vehicle will likely be unmarked and the “locksmith” will likely not have a uniform. They will evaluate your situation and hike their price for some reason. If you refuse to pay, then they will demand a dispatch fee.

Some Quick Tips

Naturally, if your car key is lost or broken, then you will not be able to head out to a locksmith. If you have a key or lock issue, then chances are that you will need to have a locksmith come out to your location. If you can, however, try to visit the locksmith in person. This way you can see their place of business. In fact, set aside some time to visit offices and find a reliable locksmith that you can trust to call when you do have an emergency situation. You are always welcome to visit GreenPro Locksmith.

Be very mindful when looking at online listings. Confirm their location by checking it on a GPS. There are many phony businesses that have a website but no actual physical office. Search the business on BBB.org and ALOA.org. If the business is on both sites, then you are probably okay to trust them. If not, then verify their credentials. Ask for proof of business certifications, permits, business licenses, insurance certificates, and bonded employees. 

Get everything in writing! If the locksmith quotes you an irresistible price, then get that estimate in writing before they even dispatch to your location. Definitely get one before they start on the work!

If you have been scammed by a phony locksmith, then report them to the Better Business Bureau, Federal Trade Commission, the state’s Attorney General’s office, and/or your credit card provider if you paid with a card.

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