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What to Do if Your Child is Locked in a Car

What to Do if Your Child is Locked in a Car

Every parent would like to put harmful things at arm's length and away from the reach of their kids. You'd love to be there or employ someone that would monitor all their activities. However, sometimes, you can never do enough within and outside the house to ensure their safety. No wonder parents mistakenly lock up their kids in the car.

Our experts have offered emergency lockout service several times to children trapped in a car. While you plan to watch out more and prevent this from happening, what do you do when you experience this kind of lockout issue? Don't panic, and stay collected.

Call the Police 

The first step is to call the police and they will be there to assist. Within minutes, you will regain access to your child. Irrespective of the weather, it is risky to lock up a child inside your car. They can suffer from hypothermia if the weather is too cold or develop stroke from the suffocating heat. 

Hire an Emergency Locksmith Service

Call a reliable company for an emergency lockout service. A professional locksmith who understands the danger of a child stuck away in a locked car will act swiftly. QuickPro Locksmith will arrive at your destination with the right unlocking tools, and in a few minutes, they will unlock the car door. 

Note Time of the Incident

Panic sets in when a lockout incident happens. But it is recommended to note the time precisely. It will help you decide the right action to take. If the law enforcement or locksmith is taking time, you could smash the window! In doing so, you must ensure that the child is not near the window because of safety.

Protect the Child from the Sun

While waiting for help from the police or a locksmith in Lawrenceville, protect the child from the scorching sun. If this happens during the summer, when the temperature inside a car can shoot up to 100 degrees or more, it can be dangerous.

Use items like duvets, blankets, or towels to place on the car windscreen to prevent the sun from entering the car. Ensure the vehicle remains cool enough for the child while waiting for assistance.

Revitalize the Child

As soon as you can get the child out of the car, observe the body temperature to know the next step. Do everything possible to lower the child's temperature if the incident happens during high-temperate periods. In the same way, raise the body temperature if it is in the winter months. Assuming there is any other complicated issue, please head to the hospital. 


It will be devastating for a child to get locked in the car when it's cold or hot. Thankfully, you even noticed the child on time to take action. In case you ever need an emergency lockout service, call QuickPro Locksmith. We won't hesitate to come to your location to help rescue your child from danger. These things happen sometimes, so do not panic, call the police or a professional from QuickPro Locksmith. 

Nov 30, 2023
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