When Should You Rekey Your Locks?

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When there is a security breach at your home or work, you will likely become more vulnerable if you don’t act quick. Sometimes, you may not see any sign of a break-in, therefore you should upgrade your security system by replacing the locks or switching to an electronic system. You may also want to rekey the entire lock system thus making the current key useless. Rekey is more affordable than replacing the entire lock system and you can achieve all these by contacting a certified locksmith in Atlanta. Greenpro Locksmith offers a reliable and convenient rekeying and lock replacement service you can count on.

How Rekeying Works

The rekeying process works within the lock and our certified technician will adjust the tumblers within, to rekey the lock. With this adjustment, the current key will become useless and unable to open the lock. From the adjustment of tumblers in the lock, we will create a completely new set of keys for your lock. Our certified technicians will also help create master keys for access to several doors.

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Have you lost your keys or was your key stolen recently? It is important that you key an emergency rekeying service to prevent your home from an invasion. If you suspect a set of keys has been stolen from you, don’t hesitate to give us a call and we will help you rekey your home.

Similarly, if you are purchasing a new home, you may need an inspection of your entire security system and in most cases, rekeying of the locks is recommended. It is possible that the keys to your newly purchased home are still with the original occupant and any of these former occupants may wait until you moved in completely to steal your valuables. We do recommend that you rekey your home and add other necessary upgrades once you move into a new home for your own safety.

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There are several ways you can get the most from the rekeying of your home. You need to ensure that you have an accurate count of your keys. Make sure your household members or staff in your business premise report any missing or stolen keys promptly. When lost and missing keys are reported on time, the possibilities of a break-in are greatly reduced.

The decision to go for a rekey or key replacement will largely depend on your situation. If the lock is badly damaged beyond repairs, you will likely need a key and lock replacement and no rekeying. Rekeying is a necessary procedure when there was an attempt to gain entry or you suspect that there will be an attempt to compromise your lock in the future. Regardless of the situation, you need highly trusted, and certified locksmith technicians to handle your home lock and key system for peace of mind. Please contact us at Greenpro Locksmith and we will be there to help you.

  • So you’ve got a historical home but would like a more modern entry system? No worries, GreenPro Locksmith is equipped with the team and the tools to get the job done right.

  • Installing a safe in your home or business is a great way to protect your precious possessions from theft, fire, and floods. However, much like other devices you use at home, a safe may need to be repaired over time to keep it in good shape.

  • It is easier to become frustrated when you lose your safe combination but you don’t have to because GreenPro Locksmith is right there by your side to help you open the safe and restore the combination. The following are some tips and ideas you can also try to unlock the safe when you lose the combination code; 

  • Do you know how fast someone can get into your house? You may be very surprised at this answer but it all bothers down on your security choices for your home. The recent reports on the invasion of homes all around the country paint a gloomy picture, and you just have to be prepared if you don’t want to become the next victim and part of the statistics.

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