Where To Get Range Rover Key Fob Battery Replacement

Modern Range Rover vehicles come with a key fob that you can use to lock and unlock your vehicle, protect your vehicle from criminals, and start the ignition. A Range Rover key fob provides additional convenience and an added level of security for your vehicle. This device uses a battery to perform these functions. Typically, a Range Rover key fob battery lasts around 3 to 4 years before it will need to be replaced. When your Range Rover key fob battery fails, you'll experience reduced signal strength and some inconsistency. If your Range Rover key fob shows signs of failing, be sure to find a reliable locksmith to help you with Range Rover key fob battery replacement. At GreenPro Locksmith, we offer key fob battery replacement for Range Rovers and other car models. 

How To Replace A Range Rover Key Fob Battery

First, take the key fob apart by pressing down the small black button on the device. Use a small screwdriver to open the black box and access the battery. Remove the battery and replace it with a new one, and put your key fob back together.

While replacing your Range Rover key fob battery may seem to be simple, you can easily damage your key fob if you don’t know how to go about it. It’s a good idea to enlist the help of an experienced locksmith when it comes to Range Rover key fob replacement.   

Signs Of A Failing Range Rover Key Fob Battery 


When your Range Rover key fob battery wears out, it may not work consistently. The key fob may work well at times, and sometimes it will fail to work completely. An unreliable key fob can not only cause inconveniences but can also compromise your vehicle’s security. Finding dependable Range Rover key fob battery replacement is the best way to get your key fob working efficiently again.    


A functioning key fob should unlock doors with a single push of the button. If you have to click the button multiple times to activate doors, then it’s time to replace your key fob battery. 

Reduced Signal Strength 

Most Range Rover key fobs work within a range of 50 feet in many cases. As your key fob battery wears out, the signal strength is reduced or the key fob becomes unresponsive. Your key fob may not function properly even when you’re close to your vehicle. If you notice that your key fob’s signal has reduced, call a reliable “locksmith near me” and let them help you with Range Rover key fob battery replacement. 

Do not wait until your Range Rover key fob battery wears out completely because it would cost you more to reactivate the sensors.  

Call GreenPro Locksmith For Range Rover Key Fob Battery Replacement 

An unreliable key fob can expose your car to theft, not to mention the inconveniences you’ll have to deal with. If your Range Rover key fob battery has shown signs of a failing battery, let GreenPro help you with replacement. We also provide key fob programming and repair for Range Rover vehicles. 

Contact us today to learn more about the key fob services we offer. 

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