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Why Bump Keys Don't Work On Cars

Why Bump Keys Don't Work On Cars

A bump key is a unique key designed for picking standard pin tumbler locks. This key is forcefully inserted into the keyway to create a temporary sheer line, which allows you to turn the tumbler and unlock the door.  A bump key is specially made to bypass the security mechanisms incorporated in standard pin tumbler locks.

However, bump keys do not work on cars. This is because cars use either wafer locks or sliders rather than a pin tumbler system. That means bump keys cannot match with the internal mechanism of a vehicle's security system. Moreover, modern cars are equipped with sophisticated security systems, which are nearly impossible to compromise.

How A Bump Key Works

A bump key exploits the vulnerability in standard pin tumbler locks. These locks contain spring-loaded pins which are arranged in a way that a specific key can be used to operate the lock. If you insert the wrong key on a standard pin tumbler lock, the pins won't allow the tumbler to turn, so the lock won't open. But when you use the right key to open the lock, the pins are aligned properly, thereby allowing the tumbler to turn. When you insert a bump key into the keyway and strike it with a hammer or a heavy object, you create a temporary sheer line, and then you can use a bump key to turn the tumbler to unlock the door.

What Would Happen If You Tried a Bump Key On a Car?

Using a bump key on your car will only result in breaking either the lock or the key. If you forcefully insert a bump key in your car's lock, the top wafers will jump, but the bottom wafers will remain unaffected. A car lock that uses sliders wouldn't be affected because it's nearly impossible to move the sliders uniformly.

What Keys Can Thieves Use to Break into Your Vehicle?

Jiggle keys, which are an equivalent of a bump key can be used to manipulate non-transponder vehicle locks. A jiggle key is inserted into the lock and moved up and down in a gentle manner. This key can be used by criminals to unlock your car's door locks and ignition cylinders. One of the practical ways to prevent thieves from compromising your car using jiggle keys is to replace your locks and ignition cylinder with an upgraded model.

If your car uses an outdated security system, you're making it easier for criminals to compromise its security system. Keep in mind that criminals are getting smarter with time, so it's important to work with a locksmith to upgrade your car's security.

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Nov 12, 2021
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