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Why Do I Need a Spare Car Key?

Why Do I Need a Spare Car Key?

Most people never appreciate what they have until they lose it! And this is often the experience of any car owner in search of the keys. However, you can always avoid this unpleasant experience when the spare key is available.

Still skeptical about getting a spare car key? Read this guide to understand why having additional key copies is beneficial.

Reasons Why You Need Spare Car Keys

  • Useful during Lockouts

It is almost inevitable for panic to set in during lockout incidents. However, you wouldn't have to worry if you had a spare car key. That's the purpose of spare keys - they are life savers when you mistakenly leave the key inside the vehicle or the key breaks while trying to unlock the vehicle.

  • Enhances Key Durability 

Due to continuous use, wear and tear will affect the durability of the key, causing it to become worn out. Nevertheless, you can prevent the car key from being worn out by getting a spare key. You can decide to alternate the keys monthly to preserve them or keep the original while you use the spare key till it wears out. 

  • Provides Convenience

As much as you try to be careful in handling your car key, it may end up being broken. You shouldn't beat yourself up if faced with such a situation. Assuming there is a spare key, you wouldn't fret when locked out of your car. You could call for someone to bring the spare key and easily regain access to your car.

  • Helps to Enhance Car Security

A spare key would be handy when you lose your car keys. With that, you can access your car after the incident and remove the most valuable items. 

The next step is to secure the car as soon as possible because the thief could be lurking somewhere, waiting for the right moment to unlock the car's door.

  • Suitable For Multiple Drivers

There is always an accessibility problem when you have a single car key at home. Assuming your family is massive, you can't keep hiding keys from them. If there is a spare, instead of waiting long hours, anyone could access the car keys at their convenience.

Similarly, the possibility of misplacement is high when you have a single key. To avoid this problem, contact GreenPro Locksmith for a key duplication service. Having copies of the original key means that the other car drivers can have easy access.

  • Saves Cost and Time 

Although hiring GreenPro Locksmith to cut a duplicate key could be affordable having additional copies could spare you time and money. This is because no matter the service provider, the cost of making a spare key is cheaper than the cost of car key replacement. More so, it is easier to make a duplicate key than cut a new one when it has been stolen or misplaced. The latter is more time-consuming.

Getting a reliable locksmith to make a spare key will be a lifesaver if locked out of your vehicle. You don't have to incur additional expenses or spend extra time to get a new key.  

Nov 30, 2023
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