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Why Isn't My Car Key Remote Working Properly?

Why Isn't My Car Key Remote Working Properly?

The essence of a key fob is the ease and comfort it brings to every car owner. Yes, it is fancy and quite in tune with the times. Why use a key to unlock your car when a remote control can do it for you and at a distance? All you have to do is simply press a button, hop on your ride, and be on the move.

Nonetheless, this devise does more than that! With your car key fob, you can easily roll down or up the windshields. If your car is not too old, you may also use it for auto-parking the vehicle.

You may never appreciate your car key fob until you discover it had stopped working or isn't working properly. The thought of having to do these things again manually can be frustrating. Perhaps, you have been faced with this situation before. Here are the main reasons why the device is not responding well and how to address the problem.

Damaged components

The main components in most key fobs are an antenna and an RFID chip. These components communicate with another chip or tag that is placed in your car's locking system using radio frequencies. Maybe after falling too frequently, the components could be damaged. As a result, you could press the buttons on the fob and not get the desired response.

When faced with this challenge, your best bet is to get a replacement key fob. You may choose to purchase one from a main dealer or your local car locksmith. However, after making your purchase, the key fob must be paired with the RFID tag by a locksmith.

Low power

Key fobs are powered mostly by lithium batteries. As such, you should expect the power of your car key fob to last long. However, the battery may get weakened eventually, leading to the erratic performance of the device. This could mean that the lithium battery needs replacing.

The good news is that these batteries are not scarce to procure. Once you have noticed your car key fob is unresponsive, simply confirm whether the battery is bad. Then, you can easily get in touch with an expert locksmith for a replacement. This can be done in a matter of minutes.

Requires reprogramming

The paring of your key fob to the receiver in your car must be top-notch at all times. But, if you noticed that the device has not been functioning properly, the paring could be faulty. This might be a consequence of shock or simply low batteries. Therefore, you might need to reset the pairing using your vehicle's user manual. In case this yields no positive result, your best bet is to call a locksmith for key fob programming. A good automotive locksmith should get this done for you in a few minutes.

By and Large

The pleasure that comes with using a key fob for your car could be limited if it becomes unresponsive. Any of the above-mentioned reasons could be the cause of the malfunction. You need not fret. The issue can be resolved by a proficient automotive locksmith from GreenPro Locksmith in no time.

Here's a word of advice. Even though most key fobs are made to be shockproof, allowing them to drop too frequently can damage their internal components. This will make them unresponsive after a while. Therefore, you need to handle your key fob carefully and prevent it from any kind of trauma at all times.

Nov 30, 2023
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