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Why Use a Locksmith Instead of a Handyman?

Why Use a Locksmith Instead of a Handyman?

Ever wondered or searched for the difference between a handyman and a locksmith? Some may get confused when determining the difference between these two noble professions.

Hop in, let us get to discuss the key differences and functions of a handyman and a locksmith.

Security Assurance

The security of your household or business should always be a priority. It is advisable to choose an experienced locksmith when you have security-related issues. The expert locksmith will keep the focus on security. In addition to providing and installing security systems, they also offer maintenance plus emergency repair services. Having a reliable locksmith means you will enjoy guaranteed work. Most of the locksmiths provide warranties for the products they sell. In case of security failure, a locksmith would act swiftly to fix the problem and make sure that your business remains safe at all times.

Therefore, if your locks are jammed, you’re locked out or the door won’t close – call a locksmith, not a handyman.

Always Available

Locksmiths offer round-the-clock emergency services as compared to handymen. Locksmiths are usually concerned with time and efficiency as they focus on preserving their first-class reputation. This means that you can trust professional locksmith service providers around the clock.

Industry Expertise

Locksmiths are skilled at security systems, and they receive a lot of training related to it. They also keep up with the latest technological developments and trends in their line of work. They understand the complicated systems, hardware, and software involved in detailed business security. On the other hand, handymen have the skills and ability to fix and do almost anything but they are not trained or experienced in security systems. By choosing a service provider such as GreenPro Locksmith, you are working with industry professionals who have knowledge and expertise related to the latest methods of securing your business.

Tailored Services

The security systems of some homes and business locations are sophisticated. If that is the case, you will always need specialized services.

During life-threatening crimes, the contribution of forensic locksmiths cannot be understated. These are professionals who receive special training to provide certain services. Handyman doesn't have this kind of service.


Many homeowners avoid hiring a handyman for repairs or replacements in order not to pay much service fee. Any errors in the process might result in a costly wholesale replacement.

Specialization in Security Solutions

Locksmiths provide personalized security solutions that outweigh those of local handymen. They specialize in installing, repairing, and maintaining electronic access control systems, high-security locks, and fire exit devices to satisfy business needs. In comparison, handymen give general services that may not meet the security demands of your business.

Years of Experience

Handyman repairs may not have wide knowledge but to most of us, home issues pop up occasionally. Professional locksmiths have relevant expertise due to years spent on unlocking houses often.


In need of an experienced locksmith who can help you unlock all the benefits listed in this article, and more? Look no further, as GreenPro Locksmith is just a click away to help you out. We offer expert advice and solutions on locks and home security. For other Locksmith services, don't hesitate to contact us.

Jan 13, 2024
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