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Why Your Car Key Button Doesn't Work?

Why Your Car Key Button Doesn't Work?

A vehicle maintained regularly will rarely disappoint the owner. It will continue functioning for a long while no matter the road trip you embark on - daily work schedules, school runs, emergency appointments, and more. However, the mechanical and electronic components could malfunction once in a while! Regarding the keyless entry systems, you could be stranded because of the malfunctioning buttons or dead batteries. No worries, you mustn't be technically savvy to fix most of the faults.

We provided insights about the major reasons your buttons may stop working.

Dead Batteries

This is a major consideration when you are troubleshooting any case of a car key button not working. Quite often, the key fob malfunctions because of dead batteries. No wonder every expert recommends battery change as a first step to correcting any issue with your key fob.

The good part is that battery replacement is a simple process. Gradually remove the shell part of the key fob and the battery will be exposed. Copy the part number and get it from any departmental store nearby. You could also get a matching battery from an auto locksmith.

The only difficulty is reprogramming the key fob after changing the batteries. But that is not always the case because most keys will start functioning once the battery is changed.

Broken Key Fob

Just like other gadgets, gradual wear and tear can damage the components of the key fob. Long-time usage could cause broken contacts or misaligned buttons. For this reason, the buttons will not function properly. Worn-out buttons are a common sign of misalignment. Check the age of your key fob to know whether the problem is overuse. If this is the case, changing the batteries will not be the solution. You should consider key fob replacement. Contact the experts at GreenPro Locksmith for key fob programming and car key replacement.

Damaged Car Door Lock

Usually, we suspect something is wrong with the key fob when the car key button not working. Some car owners call for replacement immediately. But do not be surprised that the key fob may not be the problem. You could be dealing with a dysfunctional car door lock.

Your car door lock could develop issues and fail to recognize signals from the key fob. Though this could be daunting because to a non-professional, the car door lock seems indestructible! Components of the internal mechanism of the door lock could get damaged because of forceful banging. Identifying the problem most times needs the expertise of an experienced technician. And to correct the defect, he could disassemble the car door, and change the component.

Electrical Problems

The vehicle's electrical system could be the reason your car key button isn't working. The electrical system of the vehicle could develop faults intermittently. It could be because of a loose wire or damaged component. 

After changing the batteries and checking for the possible misalignment of the buttons and your key fob failing to function, consider calling an electrician to run checks on the electrical circuits.

For all your lock and key needs, GreenPro Locksmith assures every customer to deliver quality services at affordable prices.

Nov 30, 2023
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