Why Your Key Fob Needs a Replacement

Though the primary motive for buying a car is to conveniently travel short and long-distances, vehicles have gradually become a part of our lives. We depend on them to move around, go shopping, school run, the office, and during emergencies. If any part is defective or something goes wrong, we feel devastated because we are dependent on them for many things.

In case you are having issues with your key fob, do not go into full-blown panic mode, here are some signs you should get it replaced.

Weak Signal Strength

Reduced signal strength is the first sign showing that your battery is on its last legs or that something is wrong. Recent cars have their key fob configured to function within the range of 50 feet. So you will likely notice a signal strength weakness when the fob is defective.

However, for a fast fix, you should replace the batteries. Key fob battery replacement is not a big deal. You only have to ensure you bought the right type. If the signal strength issue continues after you have changed the batteries, then consider replacing the key fob.

Inconsistent Clicks

Are you clicking the button several times before your vehicle responds? Usually, with just a click, your vehicle reacts but now it is hard to accept the signal. The problem is from the battery or the entire system is weak. Just like the case of a weak signal, you have to change the batteries. Then check if the problem is resolved. If it is still inconsistent and requires multiple presses, consider replacing the key fob.

Worn out Buttons and Delayed Unlocking

Due to wear and tear and a long time of use, your key fob buttons may fade. This is also a sign that the internal contacts are not working correctly. The buttons are connected to the circuit board and may lose contact with time. If the contacts wear down or get disconnected from the circuit, the key fob will stop functioning effectively.

The plastic has to be tight for the buttons to touch the contacts. Check if the cover or casing is no longer intact or wiggling. Getting another casing for the fob could be difficult. Consider replacing it with a new one.

Programming Issues

There is a chance that deprogramming is the problem if your key fob isn’t working after changing the batteries. It is a process of wiping out the details of an old fob from the onboard computer when a new one is added the new. Deprogramming may be accidental due to the wrong pressing of buttons. Reprogramming is the only solution at this point. However, it is better to contact a professional for your key fob programming.

Key Fob Not Working

There are instances when the key fob suddenly stops working. You may change the batteries, try reprogramming but the problem keeps persisting.

Chances are that the key fob is dead! Call a professional locksmith or take it to the dealership for a car key replacement. With the in-depth experience and professionalism at GreenPro Locksmith, all your key fob problems will be resolved when you call us.

  • Are you locked out of your car because your doors refuse to open? Lockouts can be frustrating enough, but the situation is even worse when you have the keys in your hand, but you still can’t use your vehicle. 

  • Hiring an unlicensed locksmith is never a good idea, leading to worse situations. You would not want to hire somebody who does not have a professional license and does not offer certified services. GreenPro Locksmith can meet all your auto locksmith service needs.

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  • Installing a safe in your home or business is a great way to protect your precious possessions from theft, fire, and floods. However, much like other devices you use at home, a safe may need to be repaired over time to keep it in good shape.

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